My day

Love, love, love

Its so late. And im so tired as well. It was a drag publishing my last blog post, ride. It took forever for me to get the embemed code for the video, so i just had the wordpress tool embem it for me. My laptop is becoming so slow, and its the flashshock that’s making it slow. And im using google chrome. Hopefully its an error with google and they’ll fix it soon.

Today was an okay day. I had PE in the morning. I thought we wouldn’t have class today cause of the puddles everywhere. And then i remembered we have a Gym. Class was so boring. I actually tried on my work out today and i didn’t finish in time. Huh! I better get full credit credit on my workout because i atleast tried on the work out. Is that what matters?

Then i had US history. That class was so boring. I was so nervous to go to class though, because i didn’t do my homework. I owe 3 sections of notes. And its all because im freaking lazy. Ima do it this weekend though, hopefully.

Then i geometry which was good too cause i was talking with my friends all period.

Then it was after school. I’m so glad its friday. I’ll finally be able to sleep in! That’s all i look foward to during the weekends, sleep. I hate waking up in the morning.

Then my day went by so fast. And i got My 5 year Engagement, from redbox. Oh how i love this movie. It’s so hilarious. I’ve been cracking up throughout the whole movie. This movie is now my favorite romantic comedy. This movie is cheesy, slightly awkward, and hilarious, all at the same time. The wedding was so clever. Who ever wrote this movie is a genius! And funny too. I storingly recommend this movie. This is a kind of movie that will make you want to watch it in a theater to have an LOL moment with everyone.

All day i’ve been watching and listening to love storys. Ride, poker face grammy performance, marina and the diamonds how to be a heartbreaker, and the movie 5-Year engagement. How odd.

Tonight i want to dream with Lana del rey, directing my own version of Ride. That would be so amazing.

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