My day

Oh no!

Its been two days since i last blogged. Well, shit. I’m slowly drifiting away from this blog and it hurts me. Just believe me, im never leaving this blog cause im a tall giraffe, and there isn’t many or any at all, giraffe bloggers like me. So here’s an update with my crazy life, which may be the reason why i haven’t blogged.

I have a feeling by tomorrow or atleast by monday my post, My sister sucking my cock, will be my blogs most read post. I’m on the edge of deleting that blog post cause of the tittle. Can you imagine im on ellen show, and she interviews me, “So what’s your most read post before fame hit you?” and i say, “Haha oh ellen you just had to ask that, it was my blog post, My sister sucking my cock.” And then the crowd starts laughing and ellen says, “Oh look at the time we have to go to a commercial.” And i would have time to explain myself, and my reputation would be ruined. Nobody will believe the real truth cause they would be too disgusted by me and wouldn’t dare to read my blog. That would suck so bad for me. I’ll cry so much and my tears will make me short just like Alice in Alice In Wonderland.

Yesturday was an alright day and it was raining. Finally! It’s been so long since it rained in California cause its fucking California. (I hope you got the joke, im bad.) Lot’s of people in my school were talking about the loud thunder and i didn’t hear anything. I was in cookin class, trying to get them brownies finish cooking. Plus everyone was so loud, i don’t think anybody heard them. Im just glad it rained.

McDonalds burned down…. Now what!? Everybody at school was talking about it. Okay i get it that its odd its the second building being burned down in half a block, but gosh shut up. What a shame though. I love McDonalds and now i have to go to the other side of town for my chicken nuggets. Man i give up on that, Burger King has some pretty bomb chicken tenders. Maybe that the reason why everyone was talking about it.

My life currently is also full with awkwardness. I have no idea what to do but just to listen to Lana del rey to sicken my mind.

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