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Finally! I’m currently waiting to get a call from school that school will be canceled tomorrow. Earlier my sister came to me, telling me that a teacher from my school got burned, and that my school got caught on fire. She saw the news on facebook, that the gym caught on fire. I obvi was jumping up and down. If the gym caught on fire, then that means that no PE for me tomorrow. I hate PE so much. I needed a break from that class. Then i logged on facebook earlier to check if any of my friends  said anything about the fire. And it was down for a couple of minutes. Great. I anxious to know the real deal, I don’t want to go to school tomorrow or at least no PE. So based, on the research i’ve done. The boys  bathroom did caught on fire, but which bathrooms!? If it was the bathrooms in the PE locker, it would be heaven! That would mean no PE for me tomorrow or possibly for the next couple of days. Something tells me it was the bathrooms by the classrooms, based on the picture that was taken of the firefighters. But nothing is for sure. Hopefully the whole school got caught on fire. That would be so rad. I just hope i don’t have PE tomorrow. I don’t want to run, i don’t want to dress out, i don’t want to listen to my bitchy teacher, telling me to put effort in my work because i hate that class. It would be amazing that i had no PE tomorrow. Or school. Even better! Cause US history is so boring.

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