Snoop Dog is the BOSS


Gosh how i love snoop dog. Snoop dog actually wrote this and said he’s voting for Obama and he gave his reasons why. This is so hilarious! What a great way to use his fame for something hilarious. This picture diserves to be in a museum. Here’s another reason why i love the election in this time of year. I don’t think there has ever been another election like this with so much conflict and hilarious jokes.

Motherfuckers name is Mitt. Gosh that line was just so hilarious and true! What kind of name is that? Mitt? I think you just got serverd Romney, go and fetch yourself a mitt for the burn. Okay maybe that wasn’t a good joke but it was for me.

He looks like he uses the word “Nigger” all the time. Shit so true. You never know, he may call that name to Obama, secretly, behind his back. After all, they are enemys. It would be hilarious if he accidentally used the word on national tv. I dare him to say it, so that he looses votes.

Line number seven under Romney, is so hilarious. What a great way to use his fame to say shit like that. There’s times i want to be famous and tweet about dumb girls on True life, telling them to take a fucking seat and listen to the truth. My truth.

And all of the reasons why he likes Obama is just hilarious too. I just hope Obama understands his sense of humor. Or is this legit legit? If it is, ima be so done. So done with life. (not really, but sorta really, its complicated.)

3 thoughts on “Snoop Dog is the BOSS

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