My day

My Never Ending Day

My day has gone by so slow. First this morning i had PE. I was totally not looking foward for that class. For once i was the center attention of my friends and when it was time to run, we walked the lap. I was going to run it but my group of friends were all talking to me and i didn’t want to run alone. So then we walked one lap and my teacher said, “You guys need to put effort into the work out. If you actually ran, you would of done two laps. You either get a zero for the day or you put some effort into the work out.” Bitch calm down, atleast were doing it. I obviously put the effort and ran it. I have an A plus in that class and i want to keep it that way. After the workout, we were playing tennis. Class went by so slow then. Oh my, i just wanted class to be over already. I suck at tennis anyways.

Then i had US history and all class period we were doing notes and i was just zoning off, not doing my work. I don’t know why but i rather do my homework home. I guess so that i have stuff to do at home.

Then i left early for my orthodontist appointment. I got my bottom braces today and they’re sore like a little bitch. It feels like i have a lego on my teeth. The doctor said no candy especially skittles. And i loveeee skittles. Fuck him, you can’t stop me from eating what i love. Skittles make me feel ALIVE. Just like slurpee’s do.

Then after i got home, i was just lazy all day. I kinda stayed up tonight to do my spanish homework. I didn’t do one assignment cause i was too lazy. Bitch i aint writing one paragraph about my summer in spanish. Just read my blog then google translate it and then give me the grade eh teacher? I’m just too tired to write a paragraph tonight. Hopefully ill do it in the morining tomorrow.

Tonight i want to dream with Lady Gaga. Im obsessed with her little joke somg, Cake like lady gaga. So catchy. Cake like lady gaga. Cake like lady gaga!

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