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I’m So Done With Life

Ever since i posted that blog post about cher lloyd sucking cock, the creativity search terms on my blog continues. They’re so hilarious and odd, they make me be so done with life and society. Why would someone do this kind of stuff!?


Okay what kind of search term is this? Why the heck would i blog about this? Something tells me it happened to you. Well i’m sorry you didn’t find what you were looking for on my blog. But that’s just gross! What kind of bet was this? Did you guys bet that Romney would win the debate? Cause that was unexpected. But i would still not allow it. Ew!


As a huge fan of Lady Gaga, who stalks her life and knows every thing about her, i don’t think Lady Gaga would ever want to suck your dick. I bet she doesn’t even know you. The only dick she would suck is her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney. Not strangers. If you are Luc carl, Lady Gaga’s past boyfriend, i have nothing to tell you. Just to move on!


Now these were yesturdays search terms, and most of them were involving with sucking and dick or cock. First, Sister sucking? Um this isn’t a porn site. Wrong website buddy. Second, Change my cock? Um i’m not a docta. I think you’re stuck with your cock forever. Again, Sucks for you! Daniel radcliffe dick? Um again, not a porn site. Just go away. I’m not even a huge Harry Potter fan. Plus, i don’t think his pictures has ever been leaked. But he is rich and maybe did it for fame. So you never know.

These search terms are getting hilarious and hilarious by the day. These are legit search terms, i didn’t make them up. I don’t think i have an creative mind to come up with these terms. I know it’s all my fault for adding cock under my tags on my posts, but i just cant resist not to.

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