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Lana Del Rey Diaries

Lana Del Rey has been on my mind and life alot. So much, i even wrote it down for my blog. Well that was before Cher Lloyd’s album was released, sorry Lana. I usually write something down on my notes, on my iPod, and i save it for later to finish or to add to my day blog post. But sometimes i forget to add them and the notes never get deleted. Some of these notes remind me of the times and feelings i had. So i put it all together into a Lana Del Rey Diary all in one blog post. These are all legit blog posts. Not that they sound fake (i hope not).

Wednesday, september 26:
The lana del rey blue velvet plays and i jump up and start singing along like a little kid. I feel so proud of lana, being in television commercials, singing. I even told my mom, “Look mom it’s Lana Del Rey!” She tells me, “Who that!?”. My reply was, “It’s my favorite singer in the whole universe. I’ve been a fan of her before her first album came out. Don’t you remember i went to Barnes and noble with Natalie to buy the album?” “No.” “Oh.” Whatever that doesn’t matter. What matters is that Lana Del Rey is KILLING this commercial.

Wednesday, September 26:
Im obsessed with Blue jeans. I want to perfect the lyrics. This song is just too perfect, i cant.

Thursday, september 27:
Lana del rey plays on TV again. So i just start singing. “Look sister it’s Lana Del Rey!” “Who’s that? You like that kind of music!?” “Ofcourse i do! Her music is amazing.” “Shes ugly.” “Um no shes hot! She’s better looking than you.” “Whatever” I think i just burned my sister. What some ice for that burn? I got that combat line from sister. It’s so lame.

Saturday, September 29:
Omg the pictures for the album look amazing. Someone on my dashboard reblogged the picture, amen! The only one i saw was the picture when he was on a wheel swing at the grand canyon, kind of look. It said Ride on the picture too. Maybe its the single cover or something. Gosh its such a great picture. The hair, outfit, face expression, its all amazing. The new era has started. An era that will take forever to start, officially. Ah.

Saturday, September 29:
Omg i just listened to leaked songs from her new album Paradise. I was looking for pictures to reblog on tumblr and came across the songs. The songs may be fake but it seems so real. The first song i listened to was burning desire. The song sounds so amazing. I didn’t listen to the lyrics that closely but still amazing. I only listened half of the song because i want it to be a surprise, in a way. The other one i listened to was ride. Now that song is amazing. This songs has to be a single. Again, didn’t listen to the lyrics carefully and listened half of it. I feel so bad by listening to them. Whatever it’s only two songs. Can it just be November 13 already!?

Sunday, September 30:
Im currently sitting while my and sister are shopping. Being at the mall probably wasn’t a good idead. Haha. I’m imagining lana del rey shopping at this same mall, and signing the posters for H&M. People taking pictures with her just because shes a model in the ads. And me coming in crying, freaking out its freaking Lana Del Rey. Even thinking about makes me cry of happiness. Its called fan man-ing. I would tell her my experience when i bought Born to die, the album and telling her how excited i am for Paradise, her new album. Also how im currently obsessed with Blue jeans. And tell her, all i blog about is her. Omg. Sadly, all i can do right mow is dream. Its another portion of my wonderland. You see what the ads do to me!? The others would say, why is this freak crying. Bitch Lana Del Rey is going to be here any minute and y’all would be crying to soon, in my dreams. Waaah.

Tuesday October 2:
Me and my friend, in pe, we were singing to our own tones to Carmen. Gosh that song is amazing. But the way we sang it was hilarious. More like a deep, high, version of Lana’s voice.

Tuesday, October 2:
I didn’t listen to Lana today cause its the release date for Cher Lloyds new album. Im sorry lana. :(

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