My day

Earthquake Madness 2

I was just sitting in my living room, watching marina and the diamond’s music video, “How to be a heartbreaker”. And them boom, the table starts shaking and i get up and start freaking out. I hate earthquakes so much. They’re so scaryyyy. What if an huge earthquake made a big hole and i die? Or worse, an 8.0 earthquake. It just feels super scary and weird that the world is shaking and there’s nothing you can do about it. I just want them earthquakes to happen at night so that i don’t feel them. I first thought it was just me, shaking my leg causing the table and couch to shake but i obvi imagined it was an earthquake cause my legs can’t do that, and i run out the door and everyone seem normal. Maybe it was mother nature getting on me cause i wrote the blog post about Cher llody sucking cock but then i looked up some tweets on twitter, and it was a legit earthquake. Good thing it only lasted 3 seconds. If there’sgoing to be an after shock ima run out the door like a little girl so that the hard earthquake doesn’t hit me with the walls falling down or something. That’s one of the reasons why i hate California, the heat and the earthquakes.

I thought it was god giving me a signal to stop listening to Marina and the diamonds but i thought that crazy, cause im sure god loves Marina. Plus i’m not the only one who felt it. Maybe they were listening to Marina and the diamonds too. Omg.

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