My day

Boring Day and Post

Today was a good day. I did nothing really all day. I just went to church and stayed home. My mom and sister went to the fair but i didnt want to go cause i had homework to do and because i wanted to have time to myself. That earthquake earlier did scare the shit out of me since i was home alone. What a boring day and post right? Im sorry.

My knee hurts. I have no idea why though. Maybe cause i was walking around the house and might of misplaced it or something. I was just walking cray while eating. I’m so odd. I just hope it gets worse so that i don’t have to do PE tomorrow. I hate that class. Lately i haven’t been sore because i cheat on the work outs and i don’t try my hardest. My teacher is so hard on us. Psh, i wanna see her do it and try not to complain.

Tonight i want to dream with Christina Aguilera. Im obsessed with Your body. Such an amazing song.

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