100th Post: Oh

Oh my guash. This is my 100th post. 100 post about my randomness shit. I just opened this blog in August and i already have 100 posts. Is that too much!? For a giraffe maybe. I’ve enjoyed every minute writing on this blog. Your search terms, comments, and likes always made my day. More like spam comments. I remember i would jump of joy for every like and new blog follower on my blog. A new blog follower was like a new fan for me. Its almost like a dream come true. I’m never leaving this site. You and me hookers, are forever.

So far, i have 464 blog views in 2 months. That’s just crazy guys. For me it is. 464 times, my blog has been opened and clicked on. Like is this real life!? Cause i don’t ever want to wake up. My most read blog post was, My own meaning of nicki minaj’s song Masquerade, with 41 self post views. I loved that post. I wrote it over the summer on my other blog, when i was in mexico. I currently obsessed with the song when i wrote it, and i knew i had to write about it. I was just sitting in the kitchen listening to the song, on repeat, and writing away. I was on fire when i was writing it. At least i do think so. And once i opened the blog i knew i had to add the blog post cause i knew it was something special. And without a thought, i never thought it would be a big boom for the blog. If  My sister sucking my cock, is going to be the most read blog post, ill be so done. What i mean by that, is that i’m done and ill start cracking and craking up forever. Cause that post is the most read blog post this week.

So lets celebrate that my blogged has survived and cheers for another 100 crazy, randomness, weird, awkward blog posts!

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