My day


Gosh i didn’t blog yesturday!? Oh yeah, blame it on my lazyness. Yesturday i was just laying down on my bed trying to pass time so that i can do my homework without being caught by mom. Then i said, fuck it im just going to sleep. And i was laying in down telling myself, ill just start blogging in a minute and then i fell asleep. I woke up this morning saying, fuck i forgot to blog last night. I was so ready to blog about the presidental debate. But my giraffe body was tired. So tired my legs used all of my bed and almost fell. Or maybe tht was my dream last night… I cant remember. I watched the whole debate, and the whole time i was like huh? What are they talking about? Based on my mind who didn’t know what they were talking about, I think Obama won the debate. He did state some good points.

Today was a boring day. Nothing to blog about. Just that my geometry teacher has possibly gone cray… Today i said “Thats racist” randomly and she said “Im racist, im sexist, im anything ending with -ist” Okay teacher, i dont care. She probably thought i was talking to her cause she was talking about the two sheets we were getting, one orange and another one blue. I guess it was racist for the tan guiddos. I have no idea why i said that randomly. Maybe cause racism was something on my mind all day. Because we were watching these hilarious black racist videos in history class. Since we are learning about slavery so its culturally conneted right?

Then i got home and watched jersey shore. I’m so glad the season is back. I use to love thursdays because of jersey shore. I even remember telling my mom and friends, “Its jerzday!!!” Now that Awkward is over for now, Jersey shore is a great replacement. But damn this season is just too depressing. You’ve got snooki having a bad time for being pregers. Deena missing her boyfriend. Mike being too nice, its scary. I find that sadness cause its too freaky to see such big change. You’ve got Sami and Roni fighting. And vinny has his problems with Gianni. And Jenny and Pauly d are just perfect for now. I just want no sadness just drama. Not “Oh poor sami, fuck you roni” drama. I want thrilling drama. Like vinny’s stalker from last season. Gosh i wonder if she’s back. Hope so, shes hilariously creppy.

I could of sworn i was in a writers block as i was writing this post. But nope im not. Thank god!

Tonight i want to dream with my wonderland drama with the Jersey Shore cast.

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