My day

Sticks & Stones Day

Today was a wonderful day. All day i’ve been excited to own Sticks & Stones. This morning i was begging for my mom to take me to target after school to buy the album, and surprisingly she said maybe.

All day at school i was telling my friends how excited i am for the album. Its a brats thing. I noticed after, that i was getting annoying. Atleast i think i am. I just can’t help it. I even told my dad, when he called.

Then i got home and asked my mom and she said yes. I was so happy i could die!!! When my mom took me, i was literally running to the shelfs and i found it! I was so worried she would sell out, but no, there was like 5 albums left. What i love about this album is that its the limited edition, target deluxe album. It had two exclusive tracks. It didn’t have RIOT like in the itunes version, but it had two other tracks ive never heard about, talkin’ that and over the moon. Their both amazing tracks just like the album.

Then my mom bought me starbucks too. I just love their coffee. I feel so alive when i drink my favorite, mocha frappuchino. What a great way to spend Cher’s album release.

For the rest of my night i was listening
to the album all day. I can never get sick of these songs. The lyrics, beats, tones are the shiz. That’s what im a brat (Superfan).

This is Cher’s day. Today is the day where people are really going to listen to her music. But im sure her brats will listen to it, forever. I wonder what Cher do today. What i would do if i were her, talk to the fans and read the reviews. Most of all, my blog.

Tonight i want to dream with Cher Lloyd. Enough is said.

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