My day

Funn-a-y Day

Today was a good day. I first had spanish. Spanish class was good until we got our seats changed. Great. The girl who sits in front of the row next to me, scares me so much. She dresses like a total lesbian. Im afraid she’ll beat me up or something. She’s constantly talking to the girl in front of me and her faces are so scary. Scaringly funny. I was laughing at the first face expression. I hope she didn’t see that. When there was 10 minutes of class left, i told my friend, out loud, how much she scares me. And at the same time, she was talking to the girl in front of me. What if she heard me!? Oh my. Then she will really beat me up.

Then i had cooking class, and again new seat changes. Fudge. My cooking group are all guys who don’t pay attention and talk all the whole period. Thank god they have me. But i don’t want to do the work. Let’s see how what my final grade in the class would be.

During cooking class, there’s a kid who has autism or something, and he had a major big boner. You could see it pop out from his jean shorts. Everyone saw his boner and was laughing. I was cracking up. I know its not funny, but the thought of the awkwardness of him talking to a girl and all of sudden the huge boner pops out, gosh how awkward, made me laugh. I didn’t even look at him. Cause i would laugh more. But shitttt that was one big boner. Easily 8 inches… I think.

Then i had english class and class was boring. As always. Once i got home, i watched television. I first was going to watch one episode of Storage Hunters and then it led to 2 more episodes. Gosh i love that show. And now i can’t sleep. I had an cold starbucks drink. I was drinking it while watching Storage Hunters. During the commercials, they played the previews for Bait car. A guy was caught and he was asked, “Whos car do you think it is?” “Your guys’s obviously.” No shit. But that was so funny, i even spitted out coffee and got it all over my shirt. Good thing i was alone in my room. What a waste of coffee.

So im just laying down on my bed. I was going to do my homework but i got too lazy. I’ll just turn it in late. I listened to the demos of Sticks & Stones, and shit im gonna love this song. I was jamming to the music with the Cher facial expressions and dance moves while singing to the songs, trying not to be loud cause im suppose to be asleep. I love every song on the album. I can’t wait to have the album in my hands tomorrow. Ah! I wish i had a Cher Lloyd t-shirt to wear to school tomorrow, to “promote” the album. People would say, “Who the heck is she!? Eh i’ll just google her, oh new album? Im going to buy it.” Ehhhh. Pretty smart huh?

What a great way to spend my 1st day of October. All ther is left is, pumpkins to carve. I want.

Tonight i want to dream with Cher Lloyd, obvi. Just surprise me, my fellow wonderland.

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