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Call It The Beginning of a Brats Lifestyle


Who is cher lloyd? My fucking hero. Duh! I’m so worked up for her album already. Ah! The album is released in a couple of hours, digitally, and the album is released tomorrow in stores. I’m so freaking excited!!! I’m going to buy the physical copy at stores. I’m going to BEG to my mom to take me to target to buy the album. I hope she says yes. Since she’s being very strick about my money. Mom this is a crisis. If i don’t buy this, my life will be a flop.

The playlist is so cute. The first song video was so adorable. Cause Cher Lloyd is adorable. We have so much in common, we both love slurpies. I feel alive when i drink it, too. My favorite flavor is cherry. I’ve always loved slurpies ever since i was a kid. I love chips too, but was she talking about Cheetos? Im confused. Hashtag Brats problems.

The brats video was cute too. But where are the boys? Bitch, i should be there. I love Cher Lloyd as much as the other Brats in the video. Too bad i don’t live in Philidefia (my spelling sucks. Just like Cher), where the video was filmed. I bet i can rock out to that song better than the other girls in the video.

If i don’t buy this album tomorrow, expect an angry blog post.

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