My day

Good Bye September: How I Spent My Last Day of September

Today was alright. I had Jack in the box for breakfast, so delicious. I ate my favorite spicy chicken burger. I’m craving it again, writing about it. And i imagine, reading it would too. Then i went to church and straight to the mall. My sister, mom, and i went to the mall because my sister wanted to get her ear pierced. I thought she was going to cry, but she didn’t. Gosh she looks more and more like a hipster by the day.

When i was there, i remembered that my friend invited me to the mall . I kinda didn’t want to go because i didn’t want things to be awkward. Since we haven’t seen each other in so long. Then i remembered what my dad told me when i told him my possible plans, on the phone, he said, “Just go out daniel. Have fun! What, you don’t have much friends to go out with?” “No i do dad. I went out on Friday anyways.” That was a lie, yeah i went out to my room all night. It’s not that i don’t want to tell my dad that i don’t have many close friends and that i’m the third wheel of two best friends. I just don’t want him to give me a long convo. He talks for ever. I have to tell my dad, i know 5 times for him to move on. Anyways, i had nothing to do plus i have so much to tell her. But my mom said she wont pick me up because it was late. Ugh. What ever. I was totally looking forward into telling her what’s changed after she’d left. But whateverrr. So i just came home and worked on Rossetta Stone for spanish class. I love Rosetta stone cause the way i talk is funny. Its so funny, even i laugh. These are the times when i want to have my own reality show, so other people watching it and laugh with me. I can already imagine my commercial ad for my reality show, “Daniel Giraffe. He’s not famous (yet). He’s just a typical giraffe and teenager who blogs and doesn’t do much.”

And that’s how i spent my last day of september. Gosh this month has gone by so fast. If time were to go slow inside my head, it would be the 15th. My last post of the month wish (yeah i just made that up) is that ill have my way of buying Cher Lloyd’s new album, since my mom is being strict into saving my money. So my wish is that my blog is a sucess, but i wish that everyday so i guess that wont work, i guess that i don’t fall behind in school, full of love, and full of happiness.

Tonight i just want to dream about Lana Del Rey. About what to expect on her next album. Oh wait i know that answer, expect the unexpected.

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