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So, Let Me Change my URL and Heading

The name of my blog always gets to me. Everyday i feel like changing my URL or my heading on my blog to something different. If my blog had multiple URLs, that would be amazing and perfect. Some of the urls would be, danielgiraffe, awkwarddaniel, wonderlandawkwarness, craydaniel, or artpomb. Just like my twitter username. For my heading i would like to have one for every hour. Some of them would be, hi im awkward, bitch please im a giraffe, because pefect is boring, im so not proffesional, welcome to the life of a giraffe, romney can go away, lady gaga is the queen and you know it, or *saddy’s voice* YOUR WELCOME.

Every day i think of different headings or URLs to change for my blog. And these are all of them, i think. I forget very easily. I don’t know if i should but for now im keeping these URL. According to my spam comments, they have my blog saved on their bookmarks.

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