Fiction Friday

Wonderland Could Mean Anything

Your own definition of wonderland can mean anything.

It could mean a plaza full with a hookers.

Your own love life.

A place with every dish in the world. come’on who doesn’t love food!?

A place with political humor conterversy.

A palace made out of chocolate that will never melt.

A place where FAME, the perfume’s smell, is smelled everywhere.

A place where you can eat all the food you can without having a big head.

A place where you can sit for the longest time ever and your but will never hurt or feel weird.

A place where you don’t have to brush your teeth everyday.

A place where hot weather is never a drag.

A place where its cold all year long. But not too cold.

A place where you can have the Starbucks you want.

A place where you actually have blog readers.

A place where you can never get bored online.

A place where school doesn’t exist.

A place where love never hurts.

A place where life is full of drama, just to have something to write about on blogs.

But for me, My wonderland is all the above.

What’s your wonderland?

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