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Lana Del Rey Is Releasing a New album!? JUST SIT DOWN LANA, IM TRYING TO GET AN HOLD ON THIS.

I had no idea Lana Del Rey is releasing a new album. Lana never tweets so how am i suppose to know? I hardly go on twitter anyways. I first thought that Lana was having a new updated album with the original “Born to die” songs and new songs, after i saw a picture on instagram a couple of days ago. I was obviously super duper excited. Then i saw a couple snap shots of the song “Blue velvet” on instagram as well. I thought Blue Velvet was just a special song just for commercial for H&M.  Then today i checked on itunes if Blue velvet was on itunes and its a yes and then i saw, Paradise, expected to be released on November 13. Oh my gosh. Is this real life!? This is a legit new album. I’m supper excited for this. Omg omg omg. I had no idea Lana was releasing her new album this year. I imagined she was going to release her new album next year but nope. It’s this year bitches. Oh my. I don’t even know if i want a new album right now. I’m barely back again obsessed with Born to die. I’ve been listening to this album all year and i’ve never been sick of the same music over and over again. You may say, well Daniel just don’t buy the album. Are you kidding me!? This is Lana Del Rey. I’m not going to let this opportunity pass by. I want to hear more new flawless tracks. Cause its fucking Lana Del Rey bitches. Yes, this album may have less songs than Born to die, but i don’t give a scheisse.  It’s Lana Del Rey, im pretty sure every track will be amazing. The fact that this album has a couple of explicit tracks makes me wonder even more. What kind of flawless songs could have cussing words!? Obviously Lana.

I wonder why Lana called her album Paradise. Maybe she’s fallen in love again and is about being in a paradise with her boyfriend. I don’t care if Lana’s new album is about being suicidal or about the devil (god i hope not), i’m still buying the album cause her music and lyrics are the shiz. You don’t agree? Come at me bro and i’ll win this battle.

A new album could mean a new era, and she’ll finally get the fame she deserves. I want to have pride that i’ve been a fan of Lana Del Rey from the very start of her career. Even before her album. I’m sorry if i’ve said this before it’s just that i’ve never felt like this before. Watching your favorite artist from the beginning of her career, and watch her become famous is something very amazing to see. My baby is getting famous by the minute! I still find it crazy that her album is still in the top 100 charts on itunes.

If you have no idea, who Lana Del Rey is please look her up on YouTube. She sings Pop indie music. But its a different kind of Pop Indie. I don’t even like indie music but these kind of elements on her album is amazing. Or just email me at danielgiraffeinwonderland@gmail.com , i’ll glady talk about Lana to you.

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