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Fashionably, Sexually, Frustrated

I literally have nothing to wear. All my shirts are somewhat short because after i dry them they shrink. All week ive been battling on what to wear to school. So i just wear a short shirt, cause thats i have, and wear a hoodie to discuise it. Today is the third time in a row, that i wear the same jacket to school. Bitch i don’t care if you think im dirty, i have nothing to wear so come at me bro and ill make you feel like shit once i tell you my reasons.

It’s hard to be giraffe when your tall and skinny and not even a shirt fits perfectly. I usually always get a size medium. I can get the large but its too big for me. Everyday i’ve been worrying what to wear the next day. One reason why i love cardigans is because i can hide the shirts. And i do have clean clothes that fit me perfectly. i wear them every 2 weeks or 3. I don’t want to look like i’m poor that has 5 or 10 shirts, 1 for every day of the week. I want to look like a sexy teen fashionista. My own kind of fashion. One that has many styles of clothes. But sometimes its just hard to find the perfect size when your 6 feet tall and skinny. Is there even a store for skinny and tall? If fashion designers invented a extra medium size, that would make my life so much easier.

Hopefully i’ve made my point here. And bitches please, don’t bitch about how dirty i am for wearing the same hoodie 3 days a week. I know people who wear them everyday or all school year long. Fashion shouldn’t be something important in our lifestyles, all it used for is to cover up skin. But nooo mad designers had to think outside the box.

Readers, this was never intended to be a sad post. This is a somewhat exciting/humor post. Laugh all you want, i don’t care. That’s my goal anyways.

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