What's on my mind

Only Ellen Degeneres

It’s been so long since ive watched the ellen show. I didn’t even watch the season premier because my mom doesn’t let me change it cause she wants to watch Family Fued. Please mom, The Ellen Show is way better. I use to watch that show everyday and get mad whenever i would be home late one minute after the show started. I’m always in a hurry to get home and watch it. That show is so hilarious. Actually Ellen is so hilarious. She makes being a 54 tv-host seem so fun. The after effect of the show gets to me. I just keep smiling and laughing at the segment Ellen does. Like today, when there was tourists at her star in the Hollywood walk of fame and she made them lay down and take the picture. Only Ellen does this. I was cracking up and when it was time for commercial and i was walking to the kitchen and noticed i was still laughing. Why was i laughing!? Oh right cause its Ellen. Ellen is the only person who makes me laugh no matter how old the joke or video may be. This bitch diserves an dollar bill named after her. Ellen bucks with a picture of me wearing Ellen boxers. That would be so dope. And i hardly use the word dope. Only when i sing to Lana Del Rey. So just by using the word dope, i really mean it.

Since i’m a huge Lady gaga and No doubt fan, it seems like i was meant to watch the show today. I haven’t seen the show at all this season and i was home alone and was able to watch the show so i decided to watch it. Then i see the previews that No doubt was performing my favorite song,  i was freaking out. Then when it was time for Karry Washington’s interview and her “intro” song was Bad romance and i had a what if moment, that after the song they would talk about Gaga. Then Karry Washington said, “I actually love gaga. How did you know i love gaga? I actually even pre-orderd her perfume.” Wait what you love gaga!? I think i love you even more now! It’s almost as if my thoughts cursed it. Ain’t that just cray? It’s even more cray that Ellen hasn’t even heard about FAME. Um you need to follow Lady Gaga on twitter or atleast study her tweets, like i do. Again, only Ellen. Ellen is too flawless and amazing to pay attention to the world and Gaga. Which i think she should have a little time for.

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