My day

Killing the Peasants

People nowadays. Today was an odd slash good day. School was so boring and tiring. I was ready to go home and sleep when i really didn’t sleep. PE was alright. My teacher didn’t roll her eyes on me today. She was wearing sun glasses so who knows, its possible. My friends in class, i hangout with have gotten a little weird. They were talking about how everyone in our class were peasants and how they kill or be cruel to the “peasants”. And for me not to be a peasan i had to be adding to the conversation. Basically they talking shit about everyone. They were saying how they would have eveyone run across the football and they’d shoot them and the “peasants” had to run for their lifes to survive and try not to get hit. I understand we’re talking about individuality and how to ignore the rest because they’re a nobody to you and all you care about is what you think, thats why they’re called peasants. But why talk about killing them in such cruel ways? One of my friend said she would whip them with spikes on the whip with glitter. She also would tell me shw would have them carry her in a big chair as if she’s the queen. And i thought, while listening to lana del rey. Like in her music video Born to die. That would be amazing. Though cruel at the same time. Gosh she has a creative mind when it comes to killing the peasants but that’s just too scary.

She is the only person i can actually talk about lana del rey with. We were singing in our silly tones to Carmen. That was hilarious. My high pitched tone to this song was killin.

Then i had my US history test and was freaking out cause some of the questions i didn’t understand. Then it geometry class. All we did all period was working on the study guide for our test next class. Great another test. Then i arrived home and my earphones came in the mail. Im so happy i have them now! I can now go out in the streets, and school to rock out to my favorite music. Just in time for Cher Lloyds and No doubts new album. The only difference is that i actually have to wait for the Cher Lloyd album. Ah. I need it now.

Tonight i don’t want to dream with my friends creative ways of killing. I just want to dream with my wonderland. Natalia Kill’s wonderland.

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