My day

Yesturday and Today All In One Post

Yesturday i didn’t blog at all and i feel guilty because of it. All afternoon i was talking to people on kik and led for me to not do my homework and sleep late. I was talking to someone special… Yeah. Haha, all my feelings are in the song With ur love by cher lloyd. The song totally related to me yesturday. I’d say yesturday is a better day, worth blogging.

Yesturday in PE i noticed that my teacher slighty hates me. First my teacher was sorta yelling at me because i was not doing what im suppose to, because i was confused by the workout. Then she gets sorta irritated that i can’t lift a bar correctly. My friend told me that she was rolling her eyes at me. Bitch please, im sorry im weak and can’t do your odd workouts correctly.

After that school was school, boring. I got home and i was so bored so i told people on instagram to kik me. First this girl messaged and sorta bored me. Then this very very boring guy messaged me. He has no sense of humor.


He responded with a, oh okay its odd i found you because there is alot of old guys on kik. I would of expect a haha, but nooo. I find it true because theres alot of old guys on chat rollette and that would explain the old guys on kik. I find that so creepy. I also told him “YOUR WELCOME *saddy voice* I would expect him to know thats from awkward. but he didn’t. Man he’s boring. I probably made a fool of myself but i don’t care im never going to meet him. Then i was talking to a look alike jennifer aniston. But its not her. She’s really nice though. I like her, i just dont like the other two people i talked to.

Thats all what happened in that wonderful day. Today was just so boring. I cooked muffins in muffin class! I told my group they better not fuck it up after what they did to the flap jacks. But surprisingly they were cooked good and delicious. You were able to taste the cinannon. Yum. Today my spanish teacher was telling me to stop talking the girl next to me. Then he said sister after what he told us last last class. And also said we should go to prom together…? Um okay. Just because were both white!? You’re not a match maker teacher.

Then i was just studying for my US history test tomorrow. Hopefully i pass. Man the week goes by fast. Tomorrow is going to be wednesday. I guess blogging makes my days go by slower, im sorry. Tonight i want to dream about bubble gum. I don’t know why bubble gum. Just let me beee.

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