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Spam Comments Are The Best

I am confused. I get daily comment’s on my blog but its all spam. I don’t even know if they meant the comments or not. But they say some of the nicest things ever. Like, “Your defiantly one of my favorite bloggers. Thanks on that interesting post.” I can tell they are spam by the URL they add to to comment. Plus WordPress tells me. Spam comments are the best though. One time i got like 40 comments with the word sex. I was like does that person want to have sex with me or something!? Cause im not an virtual hooker. I didn’t check the URL because i accidentally clicked the clear spam box, button. I eventually approve most of the comment’s on the blog because i bet that person took so much time writing that comment just for one view. It’s hard to have a fanbase and get views on a blog. I’m working my ass off everyday doing it. But i really don’t care. I do this for fun and if i did have a fanbase i would get 24/7 hate on every post by the haters. So no thank you. I just don’t know man, i want real comments on my blog by real bloggers. I get likes but no comments. If there is a post i really like, i comment. Why don’t you do that for me? I’m just waiting for WordPress to make me Freshly pressed. Anytime now. But eh what ever i don’t care. I want to work hard for my fanbase. I want to earn it. It would be a dream come true though to have a fanbase. Gosh im such a dreamer.

Now, spam comments are coming in with quotes. I guess to make it seem different, but i love it. Quotes as a comment? Yes please! Another spam commenter told me that they love my blog because i don’t write about gossip. Which is so true. I’ve never thought of that. I just write what’s on my mind. If i loved gossip i would be another case of Perez Hilton. I just write what i am right now, living life i guess. It’s a personal blog. With a dash of crazyness, and randomness creative writing.

3 thoughts on “Spam Comments Are The Best

  1. Spammers just make me feel so very inadequate. They remind me that I am not doing all I can to get more followers. They tell me how to improve my writing. Okay, the sexgers – my name for blogs about sex – their comments make me feel warm and fuzzy sometimes. Maybe I shouldn’t delete them. Who doesn’t need more encouragement? :-)

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