My day

Weekend Sadness (In a good way!)

Today was an alright day. After church i got my hair cut cause my mom made me. I usually ask for a 1 on my haircut but this time i asked for a 5 and for me it seems the same. Its not too short. But you can totally tell i got a hair cut. Great. Everyone is going to tell me, “Oh Daniel you got a haircut!?” No i didn’t get a haircut, your eyes are just fucked up. “I like it!” Lies. I perfer my hair a little longer so that i can spike it up from the front but noooo. Then after i got home and did nothing. Just eat and watch tv.

I was desperate for blog views tonight because i had zero site views. This is a case of an blogger whore. And yesturday i had one blog view. Usually i get 3 or 4 but not this weekend. Seems like everyone was having a great weekend while i’m not. Im just doing nothing and blogging being non depressed. This weekend i really did put an effort to post post’s. All i needed was the fucking views. Tonight i was working my ass of to get some blog views on twitter and it worked! I got 15 views in two hours. Im fucking proud and happy people are reading my shit. All i wanted to do this weekend is to get out of the house and go shopping or to the beach but its hard to go out when your mother is recovering from carpal tunnel. Atleast i did something better than that, blogging. But if i would to get the house my blog would of been a flop and wouldn’t get too scared by aliens and obsessed with Danielle Jonas’s awkwardness. It’s as if blogging was my savior for my weekend. In a good way.

I saw a blog post on tumblr about a someone crying because tomorrow was Monday. I even want to cry too. I’m really not looking forward to school tomorrow. I have all my boring classes tomorrow. Luckly i finished my homework. It’s the classes that will be a pain.

Tonight i want to dream with my wonderland. A wonderland with no school, no rules and boundless freedom.

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