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Awkwardness Evidence On E!

The whole time i was watching Married to Jonas, i was tee-hee’ing in the inside. Tee-hee’ing is the preset verb of tee hee which means, saying tee hee but in the inside. Its a different type of laughing. But gosh man, I love this show. The only reason why watch it is because it’s awkward. That’s why i tee hee through out the whole show. Dani’s awkwardness is so cute. She is the definition of awkwardness. I find it cute for Kevin and Dani actually did last their relationship. Apparently opposite’s attract. The episode of Dani practicing for her photo shoot made me tee hee even more. I don’t know, i just can’t laugh it out. Since im awkward myself as well, me laughing on the outisde is like laughing at myself. And believe me, Kevin makes me tee hee it out in the inside as well. I don’t know i just find it kinda awkward at the conversations he get’s himself into with Dani’s family. I wonder how awkward Dani can get with the Jonas family.

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