What's on my mind


I don’t even know whats my mood right now. All i want to do today is do something productive. It’s the weekend. I’m tired of doing homework and worrying about school work. All i want right now is to get my mind off of stuff. My mom wants me to get a haircut. Which is okay but i don’t want it short short. I told her and all she said, “When your older you can choose your haircut.” Mom im 16 years old i want my hair the way i want it. Gosh. She wants me to cut my hair as short as the guys in the army. No mom. That haircut is not fashionable. I want my haircut to go flawless with my clothes, my cool shirts and cardigans. I guess my mood right now is exhaust. Going to Starbucks right now is a good way for me to spend my Saturday. My sister is going to a wedding so ill probably get my mom to go shopping. I’d say watching three episodes of keeping up with the kardashians effected my mood. The kardashian family has too much drama. Too much drama that effects me. When i watch shows or movies i feel the pain of the characters. That’s why i love s comedy. I even wanted to cry when Rob was crying. You see how it gets to me? Ah i gotta stop watching this but its too damn interesting. I feel like im with the kardashians, as if im their angel or ghost. Im a heck of a mess. Let’s see how today goes.

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