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Aliens, Fuck Off

I was just watching this untold alien stories documentary, and based on the graphics i saw, i’m fucking scared. And i only watched it for 10 minutes. The graphics and pictures they had of aliens, scared the shit out of me. What if i see one!? Im forever terrified right now. It’s night time, anything can happen. Every little noise is scaring me. I hear lots of bangs but then i remind myself its the dryer machine. When ever i hear something i automatically start thinking and imagining there’s an alien outside, waiting for me. “Daniel. Daniel.” And then boom, it eats me. Or take’s me away. On the brightside i’ll have something to blog about. Nevermind forget that! I don’t ever want to see one, just on my television set. Omg its so scary to even think or write about it. WHAT IF ONE COMES TO ROOM WHILE IM SLEEPING!? They look so scary. I currently have every inch of the windows closed. I don’t want to stare into the darkness, what if an alien starts to appear out of nowhere. Omg. I’ve always admired aliens, i really do belive in them. A friend, thinks aliens can be a demon who tend to make the flashing lights on the sky but what about the witness stories that people saw outdoors? Yeah. I’m forever terrified guys. I hear noises outside and its not the dryer. God please let it be the neighbors. Dying because of an alien won’t be a good way to die. I rather have an zombie eat me. Thank god Friends is on to get my mind off out it and laugh it out. I’m going to go crazy, dramatized during the commercials. Probably worse when its time to sleep.

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