My day

Last Day Of Summer

Today is the last day of the summer. It doesn’t feel like summer is over because school started 5 weeks ago. The summer was a blast.  All summer i was blogging on, all summer long. Blogging on that site sure was fun. All summer i was in mexico with family. You shall read some of the posts on my old blog. I remember last summer i was at starbucks drinking coffee. I could of gone today but my mom wouldn’t take me unless she goes shopping. Writing a starbucks stories, being a a creeper could of been a good way to go. Maybe faith didn’t want me to go because i could of been forever terrified by a creep… i dunno.

Today was alright. School was school, boring. Once i got home, i was doing nothing really just reading emails and listening to music. I told my mom i was craving carrot cake and she was like, “Lets go to the store to buy you cake and pick up your sister.” Okay! It was shocking my mom wanted to take me to buy cake. Usually when i tell her im craving ice cream she says, too bad. All day she was being a creeper actually. She was playing on the iPad and saying, “Ugh why!? Its all your fault Daniel. I’m loosing because of you.” Seems like she’s growing up like a teenager but in old form. She was also singing and blasting to her music. Um mom? “Don’t i sing good Daniel?” Um no you don’t mom. You sound like a dying mouse who smokes. She knows im kidding… i hope.

Right now im trying to keep my eyes wide open. I made some tea to wake myself up but its too hot. I wanted to be waken up and be in the mood to blog but i just cant stand it, i need my sleep. Plus my cousins are here. My little cousin is currently next to me playing on the iPad, traffic rush. This weekend is going to be so boring. My sister is going to be out and about all day which will mean me and my mom will stay home. SO boring. I at least want to go to the mall or something so that i have a reason to dress.

Tonight i want to dream with apples. Just apples. I don’t know, im tired.

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