Fiction Friday

Ways Coca Cola Can Be Used For

Coca cola may be used on anything. These are just some ways people use it for at desperate times or just for you to do for fun.

  • To wash the television.
  • To clean the mirror.
  • To make a window sticky.
  • To give someone a hand job with.
  • To get a sugar high.
  • To blow bubbles.
  • To create an mento’s explosion in front of someone’s face.
  • To make give it to a dog.
  • To clean the kitchen floor.
  • Don’t have a brown crayon? Just pour some on the sheet and let it dry.
  • Splash a dash on their face as perfume.
  • Put it in a bottle and say it’s Katy Perry’s new perfume, Soda Pop Shit
  • For party’s to be sprayed at. Just shake the can, and open. Everybody know’s that.
  • To polish your shoes. I bet they’re sticky anyways.
  • Replace it with syrup on your pancakes.
  • Attach them to your breast, shake the bottles, and open, and boom, now you have flamming boobs like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney Spears, and Katy Perry.
  • Go to the past and say it’s a cat. In bottle form
  • You hate someone? Just pour some soda on your hands and shake that persons hand. Since it is sticky that person would be grossed out and probably never talk to you again.
  • To clean Madonna Albums.

Let me know if you actually do any of them.

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