My day

A Word Describing My Life: Awkward

I would upload a picture but my iPod is too slow and wouldn’t handle it. I will update it tomorrow. Promise!

Ugh i hate technology. My iPod is being so slow. It’s not keeping up with my fast typing which will lead to carpal tunnel. I might as well go back to old school, to my computer. I just hate it how i have to wait for it to turn on. Im so impatient. Another thing got slower is my internet. My mom got slower internet to save money. Great. But my mom is right, atleast i have internet.

I did nothing all day. School was school. Boring. Then did nothing til 7:30 which was all new Awkward also known as the finally. Sadly. Thursday won’t be the same anymore. Just until Jersey shore starts. When my mom was leaving the house to go to her friends house i did a miny victory dance. I get to have the house to myself during the finally of Awkward. Yes! Today’s episode was so hilarious. I was cracking up at the scene of Ricky kissing Clark. Total plot twist right there. I thought Ricky was hooking up with the asian. But i guess noot. It would of been more hilarious if Clark told saddy, your welcome.

Today i found out that i have a mini stalker. Yesturday i saw my friend was hanging out with someone else (a guy) so i was okay, hm. He wouldn’t stop stairing. So my friend (she) came up with her phone and said “Oh hey daniel let me see something.” And took pictures of me. Why the heck would she want pictures of me? And then i thought ohhh maybe the guy told her to. Creeper. And i asked her today and she said its true, he wouldn’t stop staring at me so he wanted a picture to last longer. That’s so creppy. That’s not a good first impression. Im flattered he likes me. But still what a wierdo. Maybe he’s the love of my life but tomorrow she going to “present” him to me. He’s cute and all but i don’t know. God, please don’t let it be awkward.

It’s weird how my life is full of awkwardness. An awkward man equals an awkward life.

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