My day

The Whole Time I Was Like, OMG


Its been a good day. Keyword: Been. The day still isn’t over. Anything can happen to make my day brighter or worse. But most likely ill fall asleep cause its my bed time. Today i had all my fun classes. Which i guess spanish is considered fun too. The spanish teacher said girl i sit next to and i look like siblings. Yes, its the one who sectretly hates me. Just because were both white doesn’t mean we look alike. Its like me saying my spanish teacher looks like Pitbull just because their both bald, from puerto rico, and white. I guess you can say my friendship with the girl i sit next to, has grown. Im so awkward though. She was telling me, “Ah i don’t even know where my textbook is at. How am i suppose to bring to class if i can’t find it.” I don’t know buy another one or check out another one from the library. I didn’t even know what to say. My response was, “Oh haha. Then look for it.” Good thing the class went by fast.

Cooking class was so boring. We reviewed the cooking supplies and took a test. Same thing in english class, took a test all period long. So boring.

Then i got home and watched South beach tow. I love that show. Its so cray cray. Its cray cray crazy. I’m so glad the season has started. The whole time i was like, omg. That show may be fake but its fake-ly interesting. I don’t want to spoil the episode. You should totally watch the show, its worth it. This is the only show that makes me say cray alot. Especially when tweeting. This show should win a grammy or something.

Kelcie has been texting me saying i love you hoping for a reply. *chanting* im not ready. What happened to the i miss you tweets and texts? Or do you just love me not miss me. Hm. It’s like everytime im writing a post, i get a text from her as if she’s a magnet.

Tonight i want to dream with sleeping. I just don’t waking up in the morning, a drag. I might as well start going to bed at 8. Ill try it tomorrow since i have no homework. Shockingly.

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