Why I Love Sharks

Another reason why i love sharks is because of the art. Artists go crazy drawing, desgining, making comics, about sharks. People see sharks as a beast and that makes artist go crazy on their art. Let’s just acknowledge some of the amazing work i found on tumblr.


In a way i do want this car and in a way i don’t. What if someone laughs at me? Yeah ill get a couple honks. But i wouldn’t be taken seriously when i’m jamming to my favorite music. I want to be jamming to music with a normal car, without a distraction. It’s called free promo. Promo artists deserve because my music taste is legendary music that deserves fame.


Sharks are friendly.



That’s the best sleeping bag ive ever seen! I want i want i want this.




This quote and picture is amazing. Think about it. America is becoming like a shark.


Having a bad day? Look at this picture. This will totally make someones day. It’s so funny. In a way.

Sharks are an art statement.




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