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Shipping Wars Inspired Me


Wide smile. In other words, my face right now and throught this post.

I now want to be a shipper like in Shipping wars. Traveling around the country is not so bad. I love traveling. I know it could be a hard and stressing but im up for the challange. Uship.com is a legit place. So that’s how im going to make my money. I just need a truck, trailer and the starps thingys. Shipping wars inspired me to be a shiper. That must be the best job in the world to do. You get to meet new people, visit cities and get paid. They don’t get paid so bad. As long as i get a $100 profit im up for the job. Shit i can’t wait til im old and i actually do this stuff.

Shipping wars is an reality TV show on A&E about shippers who ship anything across the country. They can ship airplaines, cars, motorcycles, anything you name it. You just need to know how to drive trucks with trailers and your set for the job. This show is so addicting. I’ve never missed an episode. I’m going to cry the day the season is over. Cause then my Tuesdays would mean nothing.

Im so excited! I wonder what shippments ill do. Hopefully a dog. A nice one. They are just cool pets to have for a while. Pets are too much responsibility. So it would be nice to have one for a couple of days.

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