My day

It’s Been a Magical Day


At school im script writer and do teleprompter for my schools television show. And today i switched from “have a wonderful day” to “have a magical day” to close the show. My point is that little change to the script and listening the talents saying it, really did made my day magical. In my own way. Magical in a form of different and awkwardly hilarious.

Today was a good day. I was so glad i had all my fun classes today. Spanish was okay. It’s not that i don’t like the teacher its just, i hate it when he bitches about my handwriting every other class. But he didn’t today. The girl next to me who seemed like she dislikes me, was looking at me, the “like are you going to help me and give me the answer.” face bothered me. No bitch you go solve it yourself. This is spanish one review so you should know this. You act dumber than a blonde would with a guy. *saddy face & tone* your welcome.

But i had to help her because on the outside im nice. And in the inside im a bitch. Then after that class i had cooking. We were cooking Flapjacks. Flapjacks is just a fancy word for pancakes. They were discusting. The inside of the flapjack was not cooked well. You could taste the batter, and i know that cause i tried it. I can still feel the taste inside my mouth. Ew. Its probably the toothpaste. Then it was lunch time and then english. And english was boring as always. I was so bored in the class, i was desperate to do something not english related. So i did the pick a boo face on my friend. We were both craking up. Man im so silly.

Once i got home i wanted to finish my homework and get it over with. It’s the first time ever (i think) i’ve done my homework early with time to spare. I finished my homework at 6:30 so i just watched old episodes of Ridiculiosness (may be spelled wrong. Who names this as a show title!?). It was hilarious. Then i was distracted for the next hour and watched Wake brothers for the first time. It was the new episode. Im team Phil and Team Bob. Team phil because he seems always right. And im team Bob cause he’s silly. Tonights episode was funny. In my own way. Bob’s relationship with his “girlfriend” seemed so awkward. Who hugs a girl for the longest time ever when the girl isn’t even hugging you back as much!? Apparently Bob. Gosh he’s awkwardly hilarious. And when he asked her, questioning their relationship, is where i lost it. That might of been so awkward. “So your my girlfriend?” “Yes.” “Okay.” *smiles* *smiles*. Um AWKWARD! Hahaha oh how i love this show. It was awkward enough that they had a relationship party. Good thing you guys broke the ice before the party. Again i love this couple cause their awkwardly cute.

Kelcie hasn’t texted me all day. Nope she hasn’t. I just checked. Maybe she got the memo. Or maybe she’s too busy and was at colorguard practice from 6-9PM. If we were friends she would want me to text her right after school til she goes to practice. Which wouldn’t work out for me cause i would of been doing homework. And then another fight she brings up. “Why don’t you text me!? Ugh im done.” And then the next day she acts like nothing has happend. You see why i need a break? I don’t even know when im going to be ready to be back in this friendship.

Tonight im dreaming with Cher Lloyd. I’ve been watching and listening to Want u back all day. Im obsessed with the first verse. I feel so british when i sing the song.

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