My day

Thoughtful day

My thoughtful face all day.

Well today has been a good day, in a way. Its been more of a thoughtful day. All day ive been getting calls from kelcie. And what do i do? Send her to voicemail. All day she’s been texting and tweeting me. Saying how much she misses me. And to call her. No kelcie. Im not calling you. I don’t want to fight. Thank goodness i don’t see her at school. Throwing away my phone can be an option but i need it. I never thought my phone would be a big tool in my life right now but apprently it is. I use to call my mom to pick me up and text my friends. Kelcie use to be the only person i would text all day but not anymore i guess. Who would knew ignoring someone would be so hard? Virtually. I could text her but she’d be going on and on texting me, at how “wrong” i am. Oh look here’s another text. “Daniel im deeply sorry. I want to work this out!!” Stop screaming at me! You see how this isn’t even yelling. You think just by using explanation marks means yelling but really its a form of feeling, not yelling. I don’t want to work it out. Not right now. I need a break. Go upload more pictures of your friends on instagram to make me jelous. Let me sing my lungs off to a nicki minaj song. A hunk of motherfuckers can’t tell me nothing. Beez in the trap a beez in the trap.

Other than that it was a good day. All morning leading to the afternoon, i was watching my favorite show Awkward. That show is the shiz. So thrilling. Then after i had In n out burgers. They were so delicious. Then got home and did homework. Im so glad i don’t have PE, US history, or Geometry tomorrow. Those classes i have tuesday and thursday. Tomorrow i have my favorite classes of the year all in one school day. Not a big fan of my spanish teacher but its not so bad.

Tonight im dreaming with No Doubt. Just two more days until their new album! Im so excited! Im still obsessed with Settle down.

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