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Switching Fantasy to Television to Reality

Switching fantasy (not sexualy) to television to reality is so weird. Im just here sitting watching the Awkward. marathon. This episode is so cray, Jenna wants to go to the formal dance with Matty when he doesn’t want to. And Jenna’s reputation is ruined after the letter was at the back of the ballot for formal princess because the bitchy Saddy did it. The scene when Jenna told Matty she really wanted to go to formal with him, got to me. I wanted to cry. Poor Jenna. Jenna so reminds me of me. In so many ways. Kelcie just called and i immediately sent her to voicemail. I’m not ready to talk to her. I need a break. I’m tired of the fights everyday for dumb reasons. Its hard to keep up with school when you want me to text and call you all day. Im not perfect. Why don’t you just understand that! When i sent her to voice mail i wanted to cry too. I don’t want to fight. I know your still alive, i’m trying to ignore you. You hurt me and i don’t want to talk. I can only imagine you telling your friends im a jerk. Because you’ve done it before. Bitch im not a jerk. Im always there for you when nobody is. I always try an effort to brighten up your day when you need it. I always worrying about you, asking you why your crying when you don’t want to tell me. The least i need right now is for you to call me a jerk. As i was writing that last sentence kelcie called. Again. I sent her to voice mail. After all my voice mail is, “I need a break from my phone. Leave a message ill get back to you in a couple of weeks.” So she’ll get it. If she listens closely. I’m so not ready to talk to her.

Take these GIF’s as a form of humor.

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