My Like’d Pictures on Tumblr

I love this picture cause its pure bullshit. You really think i love water? Um no. I love soda. And starbucks. Not water. I drink water through out the day but i don’t love it. I drink it cause its healthy and im suppose to. Right? If soda were healthy i’d drink it all day. I’m afraid  id get stone’s so in my kidney’s, so i just drink it all away with water.

Imagine the this. Me telling my dad, “Dad im going to talking to hot bitches tonight. Im so excited.” And my dad telling me, “How exciting!” This is just so hilarious. I can only imagine what the conversation the kid had with his dad. Shit i wish my dad was like this. When ever i cuss he flips out and tells me to watch my mouth. He says cusses all the time though. I might as well call him and tell him this and see his reaction. LOL, he probably say, “What Daniel!? Watch your mouth!”

Imagine working at a dildo factory. That would be so awkward. “Oh hey daniel! Where do you work at now?” “I work at a dildo factory.” And my friend would have a great laugh afterwards. But forget that, working there would be awkward too. Touching them, knowing someone else would use them too up their ass. Ew, that would be so gross and a bad image. I bet nobody talks to one another during work because their handling dildos. Ew.

The ultimate comeback. Comaback’s is all i think about all day. Well half of the day. That’s why i love saddy from Awkward. because her comebacks are epic. “You look like your an orphan from another country a celebrity would adopt.” And also cause jenna is one kick ass blogger. I just want to make someone feel like shit because of what they’ve done to me. Winning. That’s what it is. I want to win and be the shit. Plus it’s funny.

I have way more liked pictures but they’re all lady gaga or photoset GIF’s. Expect more.

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