Fiction Friday

What’s What In Your Butt?

Jessica walks around town and theres this big bulge people see behind her butt. She goes to the salon to get a haircut. The employees thought it was the hair that fell straight down her jeans. But that big of a hair ball? Jessica goes to have breakfast at McDonalds, and the workers think its all the ketchup she’s stolen. Jessica goes to the super market. Employee’s think its a huge tomato she’s stolen. But they let it go because its only a tomato. Little kids at the store thought it was an extra boob. Elders at the grocery store thought it was Advil. An super size Advil. I thought it was a dinosaur egg. Or even a shark. Jessica goes to Starbucks to buy coffee. The people in line thought she stold a coffee mug. The workers thought it was all of the “song of the week” cards. Apperently the workers don’t have a brain. It could of been a coffee mug. Snooki thought it was her ovaries. Mitt Romney thought it was a lesbian thing, for a “sensation”.  Madonna thought it was Lady Gagas, Vessel also known as the egg, inspired by born this way, that Madonna “Helped Lady Gaga write it”. The idoitcy. She gets home and jessica’s kids thought it was a cat. But what it really was, a bra. Two bras. She can’t control her milf.

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