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Like Were Sooo Not Friends Right Now, Wait i Miss You

*chelsea’s lately narators voice* Tonight Daniel blogs about his lost friendship becoming an confuzion. Daniel why don’t you just drop it the toilet!? This is Daniel in Wonderland latelyyyy. I think i got an orgasm by listening to Ellen’s narator’s voice.

Lately my best friend has been tweeting me, texting me, and calling me saying that she misses me. Um doesn’t she know we got in a fight? I mean argument? Or did she just ignore it and moved on? Well i haven’t moved on. You made me cry, bitch. When i say bitch, picture Snooki saying bitch. You tore every little piece away from me. Just like hulk would do if i were skittles. Cause you know everyone loves skittles. Don’t you ever read my blog? I just need a break. A break to tear appart my phone.

I said i was going to turn off my phone and not use it at all but that was a flop. I realized i have other friends who want to text me too. It’s hard to see those text messesages. There’s a part of me that makes me want to delete them and the other wanting to have a peek. I can block her but my curiousity would kill me knowing that she texted me. I just hate technology. “Swager jager you should get some of your own.” That was the lyrics to Cher Lloyds song, swagger jagger. Finally i can relate to it. I just want to relate to all of my fave songs kay.

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