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Let’s Shove a Headgear Up your Ass

My spanish teacher just won’t shut up about my hand writing. Today i turned in my homework assignment and he said “Senor daniel why is your hand writing so bad!? It looks like your getting a stroke as your writing this.” I was just doing my work, ignoring him. He wasn’t screaming but in a joking around kind of way. Like really, just shut up already. So i just look up and he continues. “This looks like the hand writing of my grandmother. I wonder how will your hand writing would be when your 70 years old. Probably just circles.” So i just smile and fake a little smile. I even remembered about telling him, “Doctors have bad hand writing.” There was a part of me wanting to say, say it Daniel! But i just ignored it. For sure next time he criticizes my hand writing i’m going to tell him that.


Here’s a a picture of the homework assignment my Spanish teacher was talking about. Yes it may be sloppy but its readable. I’m sorry i’m your perfect student but i tried. At least i know the material. Isn’t that what matters? Plus i forgot i had to do this homework assignment so i was doing it this morning on my way to school on the rocky road, in a hurry. I’m always in a hurry to finish my homework anyways so it would be the same. My Spanish teacher should go shove a headgear up his ass. Cause headgear’s have metal pointy tips. 4 of them. Trust me i know cause i have one. Not that I’ve shoved it up my ass but i can only imagine the pain.

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