Just be a bitch

Tumblr has taken over my Instagram obsession. All i use to think about all day is instagram. Which i still do but not as much. I use to upload 3 pictures a day on instagram a day and go days with out tumblr. Now i hardly upload pictures and i go on tumblr for 2 hours daily. I think it would be boring and not the same if i were to be on tumblr all day. Plus its hard to do that when keeping up with school.

I just love tumblr because its too damn funny. I follow alot of humor blogs and most of the posts make my day. A post that made me crack up today was a GIF of someone saying, “Just be a bitch!” I loved that. That quote could fit anything or coversation. For example, ugh i hate him what should i do? Just be a bitch. You make him feel like shit and prove him your perfectly inside.

Im so bored. Just be a bitch. Being a bitch would be so fun, being a bitch is like acting. If i were to be a bitch to my sister, i’d be cracking up in the inside because of how im acting.

Im so tired. Just be a bitch. You’ll be amazed at how much energy it will take to be a bitch.

What do you think will be Snooki’s child first words? Just be a bitch.

I have clean my room. Just be a bitch. Maybe someone will clean your room for you because again, being a bitch is alot of work. Depends what your definition of a bitch means.

I will forever love tumblr. It’s being a bitch. Its keeping me forever entertained. Something the kardashians will never do because i don’t have time for that. I’d rather blog on tumblr and be a bitch.

6 thoughts on “Just be a bitch

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