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Literally a Cray Day

Today has been such a cray day (yes i mean cray, i know how to spell crazy). Once i woke up, i had a feeling today was going to be an odd day. But instead of an odd day its been a crazy/cray day.

I woke up super early than usual and didn’t take long to choose my outfit and change, shockingly. Then i had PE in the morning. We had such a huge workout. We had to do 5 rounds of 100 jump ropes and side shuffle across the blacktop. Thats 500 jump ropes! Mission imposible. I was just jumping, following the crowd without counting my jumps. I aint going to jump 100 times. Since i was in a slow pace i only did 3 rounds. I’d say out of those three rounds i jumped 85 times. God i hope my teacher doesn’t notice. Then we were carrying weights for the first time. Im weak and i was only able to carry 55 pounds. The other people in my group were able to carry 100 something pounds. The fuck. I tried and i was bearly able to get it one inch off the ground. I have a feeling they’re sectretly Hulk’s.

Then i had to US history. I’m always wondering what we’ll be doing in class since my teacher always goes off topic. We were watching videos about take my daughter to war day, a parody, and a commercial about a doll that comes with the HPV shot. That video was so creepy. And then we watched Schoolhouse Rocks about… I can’t even remember. I was just stairing out to space during his explanations.

Then it was lunch and left early to go to the orthodontist. That was a relief. Its been so long since i’ve been there. Almost 3 months. For two months i was in mexico and the other month was just an excuse, forgetting to make the appointment. When he was adding cement on my brace that was loose the doctor accidentally drop some on my hair. He was laughing and i was thinking, why is he laughing!? Did he find my teeth funny or something!?. I noticed after i left the dentist chair to go rinse my mouth, and looked at the mirror and it all made sense. It looked like bird poop on my hair. Gosh why couldn’t he just clean it off or something!? Or atleast tell me. Luckily for me i caught it.

Then i got home and then at 2:49 the power goes away. I was on itunes and my mom told me, “the power went off!” That explained the no Wifi service. Me and my mom were thinking for the worst. Last year we had a major blackout all over San Diego county. We didn’t get the power for a whole afternoon and night. Me and mom thought the same thing was going to happen all over again. Luckily the power came back after an hour. Because of the outage i missed the first episode of the ellen show! I was so looking foward to it. Stupid black out.

The whole time the power was out i was outside with my mom talking with the neighbors. I was so bored. I had nothing to do. I was so bored i was about to start reading. I love reading i just get too lazy to pick up the book and read. I think it was the thunder that caused the blackout. The thunder was so loud. But in september!? This is odd for california.

Then after that i was just on Tumblr and did my homework. I so didn’t see this day coming. I now learned i shall be prepare for blackouts. Once i get the motivation i’ll get started.

Tonight i want to dream with Lana del rey. I had 15 more minutes left til “bed time”, i wanted to listen to her music. National Anthem is the shiz. If you watch the music video, it will remind you of President Kennedy. It’s art.

3 thoughts on “Literally a Cray Day

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