The Power of Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

I wake up and the first song i listen to is Blow me (one last kiss). I immediatley get up to this song. That song just made me get up from my bed and not be forever lazy again. I should do this when i wake up at 6 AM of the morning. Then after the song was over, my earphones immediatly started failing. FUCKERY!!!! I loves these earphones and now they don’t work!? The top part of the jack became sorta loose and now i can’t hear anything. Only if i move it, i could listen to it. But hardly anything. These earphones only lasted two weeks though. Can’t you last for another week!? Im so going to email the company to send me new ones. I hope they do though if not ima die.

I just bought the song and i was so looking foward to listening to this song while in the car with the wind blowing my hair like a cool kid. But now i can’t. Im now going to have to go old school, speakers which i hate.

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