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Lost Friendship

Well today has been a long day. I think ive lost my best friend today. She was mad at me because i never talk to her as much all day. I just don’t like to text all day because i love to have my alone time. Im not that much of a texter. Im too lazy to socialize. I was born this way baby. Plus i don’t have my phone on me at all times. Time passes by so quickly for me. I wake up and go to the living room and watch TV and then i notice its 2 PM. And then when i am available i have to do my homework. Because i get so distracted doing my homework, i pull out my phone.

My friend wants me to talk on the phone with her everyday. And when i am available she doesn’t answer. Plus my signal sucks at my house. I can bearly hear anything and often breaks up the call. I hate that. Im not perfect. Im sorry im not the perfect friend you want. After all we do live in different cities. Its hard to maintain a friendship from different cities. I just need a break. I might as well throw away my phone. Though i need it at times.

If your reading this kelcie im sorry. Im sorry if this made you cry but i just can’t take it anymore. It wasn’t my intentions. You made me cry too. Just see it as a “inspiration” to the readers.

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