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Is This Too Desperate?

Is this email too desperate?


Its the truth though. I wanted to be very desperate in the email but what if they wouldn’t take it seriously!? I just hope they don’t ask for a recipt i lost it. They better read and respond to the email tonight. But after all it is Sunday.

I could of sent them an voice memo of me crying sounding dramatic. Saying, “I NEED EARPHONES. If i dont get new ones ima be a mess all week. I have no more money. I had to spend it all on my kids. So send them to me maybe?” And then cry some more. But maybe because of they will think im playing arond, which i am but still need earphones, and ignore my case.

Im nothing without music. Not really but still.

I can already imagine the future, they send me an email and have me mail them the failing earphones. Which means ill have to pay for the shipping. If the shipping is more than $5 im failing and ill just forget about it and buy new ones. I hate technology nowadays.

Im not even going to add tags to this post. What if the company reads the post and finds out the truth. Oh no! Oh well YOLO. Why not send a kick ass writer like me free earphones!? ;)

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