My day

Explanation & Project X

Im sorry my last post was too serious. After all it is my blog. I just wanted to blog about it to escape. I had all these different feelings such as crying, sad, and mad, in a way. And i thought writing about it would help, and it did. I wanted to jam out to Blow me (one last kiss) to let go but this is was not a couple breakup. But the lyrics totally fit the situation. Ain’t music beautiful?

I found a way to do my homework with the light on without my mom noticing. All you have to do is put a shit over the light to have it centered at one spot. Gosh i could of keek’d it (always thinking about social networks). And yes it was US history homework. I always get too much homework in that class it makes me lazy even thinking about it. Im such a big prograstionginator. I obviously suck at spelling.

I saw Project X for the first time with my mom and sister. You know how awkward that was!? The boobs, the cussing, and the drugs. Though my mom’s face was worth it. She had a “Oh my this is SOO stupid” look. Watching this movie was exhausting because it seemed so real. I felt the exact pain of the main character, worried we’d get in deep trouble. This feeling in movies always happens to me. That’s why i love comedy. I don’t want to spoil the movie but the movie is totally based on a “fuck it you only live once” moment. I totally felt like i was part of the movie watching them in real life. That movie is so cray. Amazingly cray with thrill. Is this movie even based on a true story!?

Tonight im dreaming about me having a wonderland tea party. In a controlled enviroment obviously.

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