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Too Much Thinking Today

My whole day was sorta exhausting. I was desperate to get out the house. All morning i’ve been thinking and thinking what today’s blog post should be about. I need to have a blog post published everyday. I’m a cyber whore man. I had a couple of blog post’s on my mind but none of them were screaming at me saying, “Write about me!”

I was going to blog about my school librarian who stuffs money in her bra but there wouldn’t be much to tell. She really does though. I saw her on the car next to me, waiting for the light, and i saw her taking out money from her bra. Maybe its her emergency money. Then i was thinking of blogging about the future, me imagining returning to Starbucks where i wrote, and having a conversation with the cashier. What if she were to tell me, “Oh hey you back? You live around here?” I’ve only hanged out here once and you know me already? What did i do that was unforgettable? That never happened, it was just an ” I wish” moment. But instead we had an awkward conversation. I could of swore i read on the menu they sell coco frappuchinos so i asked her and she said no. She said it as she’s the shit, “After all of the years ive been working here i don’t think we’ve ever sold coco frappuchinos.” Oh okay, missy shall i tip you because of that? “We sell mocha frappuchino’s that have a chocolate flavor.” I interrupted her and said, “Oh yes i know.” Bitch im not a newbie to Starbucks. So i got the usual, mocha frappuchino. Then i handed her an old 10 dollar bill. And tells me she’s never seen a bill like it in a while. The bill was as old as her, 26. And i told her, “Oh cool i didn’t even notice the year.” Then i just left cause it was awkward. That didn’t seem awkward but if you were there it would.

So then i came home, thinking and thinking what my blog post should be about. Then Blow me (One Last Kiss) played on my custom i heart radio app. It was screaming at me to blog about it. It’s not my best work but once my mind tells me to write about something i preach it.

All day i was thinking about what to write about. When i was on tumblr, i wanted to write about hipsters but changed my mind. It was stressing. I’ve never been overthinking too much in one day. But it was worth it right?

Too much thinking today. I just want to sleep and dream about a love life that everyone would die to have.

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