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VMA’s 2012

The VMA were amazing! The preshow was okay until Demi Lovato performed. Her performance was amazing. Give your heart a break is one of my favorite songs and watching her perform it to a electronic version made it even better. Plus her outfit, hair, and make up was amazing too. Demi Lovato lets run away to wonderland. She totally deserved that award for Best video with a message for Skyscraper. The lyrics and the meaning is just beautiful. Shitting music is all she does all day. That’s why she has a Moon Man. I remember when i first heard the song, i loved it. Cause i really related to that song. Someday ill be famous than all of the bitches in high school. Just watch out hookers.

Then once the VMA started, the party got started. In my opinion i hated Rihanna’s performance. I didn’t understand the lyrics. But she did dance like a killer princess. I thought Kevin Heart was going to be a boring host but he wasn’t he was funny. I thought it was brave enough for him, i guess for him to talk about mistakes. Especially the Kristen and Robert drama. Right now Robert is confused and this is what he wanted, an enlightenment for his soul to forgive Kristen. Shit i should go up to Robert and yell to him ,”Bitch your a wonderful actor and you gotta fucking smile and forgive Kristen. You don’t need to get back with her but just forgive her.” I find talking fast and cussing helps to make someone smile. Especially they way i cuss. You just have to be there to understand.

Once it was time for the award for female artist video, i thought either Katy Perry or Rihanna would win. But no Nicki Minaj won for Starships. I was so happy she won the award.  I literally got up and clapped as hard as i can. It just came to me and i got this feeling. This was so unexpected. Nicki Minaj deserves the award. The video is the shit. The song is the shit.  Her music is the shit. She’s the shit. Her brain is the shit. Her whole career is the shit. Nicki Minaj, you shall teach me how to dance to rap music i really need to learn.

I really wanted Nicki to win the award for best hip hop for Beez in the trap. That song is the shiz. That song deserves a whole closet full of moon mans. But then again this is the VIDEO music awards. Though the video is amazing its not compared as the others.

The VMAs were good but then again it could of been better if Lady Gaga was nominated or if she attended. One direction was a great replacement. They deserve every moon man as well. Their performance was amazing! They’re like the new Beatles in my opinion. I guess im too mad to write about then after all of the tea i drank at my unbirthday party.

I can go on and on talking about the VMA but these are just some of my favorite moments. Lady Gaga will slay next year so watch it.

My props to the host, Kevin Heart for really shinning tonight. You really were yourself today. Shall you get all the hoes you want. Oh wait thats 2 Chainz. I still meant it though.

Its been a okay day i guess after what happened to the kitchen cabinet. I just want to go to sleep and wishing its the weekend already.

Tonight i want to dream with my own VMAs. I would nominated Cher lloyd, Lana Del Rey, and Marina and the diamonds for most of the awards. Their music are the shiz.


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