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Happy Video Music Awards and May the Odds be Ever In Your Favor


Any guesses what happended here? Well here’s the story.

I was literally in the bathroom taking a dump looking at the Freshly pressed blog post and then i hear a long fall explosion. To me it sounded like many gas tanks falling to the ground. Since i had that thought inside my head, i thought there was a fire outside. I hear my mom and sisters screaming. I thought to myself, i now have something to blog about! I always think humor when something happens. It helps in a way.

So i pull up my pants and wipe my butt and run the kitchen where i see the kitchen cabniet fallen to the ground cabinet and my sister to the side crying. The cabinet was screwd to the wall and seeling. That’s why it made it possible for the cabinet to fall.

I first thought my sister was crying because of the trauma of the noice. But i was wrong. When she opened the cabinet door it fell to the ground and hit her head and shoulder. Thanks to god shes perfectly fine. Just a little cut on her lip. Her Angeline Jolie lips. Sucks for her.

I guess it was the earthquakes in california that made the cabinet loose. Stupid earthquakes you see what you caused. Then again you gave me something to blog about.

In that cabinet all of our cups were there. Even my Mickey Mouse coffee cup. Good thing it survived. I was going to flip out. So now we dont have any cups because there all broken because of the fall.

Isn’t this a perfect way to begin the VMA’s tonight? I blame this all on Lady Gaga for not being nominated this year.

Now my mom is going to make me build another cabinet. Something i really don’t want to do.

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