My day

My Fun, Fastly passed, Day

Well today i was a fun day. I guess.
I first had Spanish class, not so bad. I got to talk to the girl next to me for the first time. I thought she hated me at first. Once she stared at my hand writing and did, what seemed to me a yuck face. I know i have ugly hand writing. Just mind your own buisness! Go judge another Giraffe’s hand writing. Then last last class we sorta had a laugh moment and what ended up to a mini burp for me. It was so emberassing though. I hope nobody heard me. The only person who heard me was the girl next to me. She had a, ew! Did you really just do that?, face. I knew then we disliked each other, a beautiful friendship everyone wished we had. I was even going to blog about it but i forgot to. But i guess she doesn’t dislike me anymore. Or never did. Maybe she just does those faces naturally. But eye contact!? Um okay. She’s really nice though. But anything can change and happen, so we’ll see.

Then i had cooking class. I had so much fun because we made seasoned french fries. My group were just fooling around. We might of been loud but we had fun than any other group in the class. Just a tip: If your being loud when doing group work, use the excuse, everyone else is just jelous they’re not having as much fun as you guys are. I always look at the two sides of things and came up with that. Not bad right? The french fries were so good though. I tried another groups fries and ours were better. Just saying.

Then i had english class. English was just english. Boring.

If i were to choose my dream tonight i would dream with Cher Lloyd having tea in the UK. Out in the park and creating our own pop music boston tea party. But instead we’d throw “stupid” pop albums out on the rivers. And write a song about it! Omg i can already imagine it.

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